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Yet more Megatron by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Yet more Megatron :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 8 3 Gift for Squishy by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Gift for Squishy :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 9 2 Christmas Spirit by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Christmas Spirit :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 4 0 Into the great escape by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Into the great escape :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 7 9 'Potent Beauty' by SolooftheSurgeEpoch 'Potent Beauty' :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 4 1 Freedom is the right of all sentient beings... by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Freedom is the right of all sentient beings... :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 6 2
Fons Et Origo
Fons Et Origo
Like many of my kind, my chassis was forged by the fires of war. My spark, thawed by the fanned flames below. I was born in orbit - if that is what you could call it. I am an M.T.O. - a Made - To - Order soldier. Designed to fill the void my fallen predecessors had left when they were slain by an enemy that was not their own. And designed to spill energon and nothing more.  My life expectancy as such was ... Grim. Many of my kind did not survive the first fleeting hours of life - first hours, ravaged by brutality. We were given one instinct: Fight. And that is what we did: We fought.
Cepheid, Starspot and I were the soul survivors of our generation. The rest did not get the chance to so much as open their optics for the first time - not that they would have remained open for long. I was told that, upon ejection and during the fall, your new and calibrating optics would close. Hiding away from the intensity and protected behind their lids. Mine didn't. And I re
:iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 1 2
I'm with stupid too by SolooftheSurgeEpoch I'm with stupid too :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 1 7 I spy with my lil Prime by SolooftheSurgeEpoch I spy with my lil Prime :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 8 7 Fooled by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Fooled :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 11 3 Chibi Solo by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Chibi Solo :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 4 5 SG Solo experiment by SolooftheSurgeEpoch SG Solo experiment :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 3 5 How about I don't? by SolooftheSurgeEpoch How about I don't? :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 6 3 Scruffy Solo by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Scruffy Solo :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 3 2 Squishiy's Elita - One. Coloured by SolooftheSurgeEpoch Squishiy's Elita - One. Coloured :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 10 8 I've got another plan - and this time, it'll work by SolooftheSurgeEpoch I've got another plan - and this time, it'll work :iconsoloofthesurgeepoch:SolooftheSurgeEpoch 9 4


Happy New Year! by SquishyAutobot Happy New Year! :iconsquishyautobot:SquishyAutobot 18 11 gift thingy by SquishyAutobot gift thingy :iconsquishyautobot:SquishyAutobot 15 2 megs stamp by SquishyAutobot megs stamp :iconsquishyautobot:SquishyAutobot 29 18 Damnit open! by rando3d Damnit open! :iconrando3d:rando3d 189 39 Box Sprites - TF - Megatron Box Sprite by whitenoize Box Sprites - TF - Megatron Box Sprite :iconwhitenoize:whitenoize 10 2


Yet more Megatron
Doodles, doodles and more doodles for you all. I apologise for my nascent inactivity, but I am still alive. I just haven't had the time to actually draw anything decent (or the inspiration to do so) and so I decided to pick up my pen and see what happened. This is the result. I am a dummy! 
Still trying to develop my own style Sweating a little... 
It's not the neatest or most spectacular piece I've ever submitted, but at least its something. I'm surprised I can still even draw at all given the expansive length of time that's passed since I've even thought about doing it. :D (Big Grin)  And I haven't deleted it yet so that's a plus.
Still can't use any other program than the simplistic Smooth Draw unfortunately. Not until I get myself a proper graphics pad - It's not compatible with anything else, sadly. 
I was tagged by my besto foresto :iconsquishyautobot: I am a dummy! 

1. Post 8 facts about your character.

2. Tag 8 other characters. (I will not be doing this because I know nobody here ;-; XDD)

3. Post their names along with their creators' avatars


(My character is from the generation one IDW MTMTE universe and is associated with the Lost Lights and her crew).


1) Solo was a cold construct. An M.T.O, meaning his full name: Solo Of The Surge Epoch, is actually the battle he was built to fight in, Making him around 1500 years old. Give or take a few.

2) He didn't utter a word for the first two weeks of his existence as a conscious and functioning cybertronian.

3) He holds great interest in the tiniest of things, believing everything in the universe to be exceptional and special in its own way. He likes to study everything from a scientific perspective as a result. This also means that he finds the likes of war a disgustingly wasteful process and all kinds of death as an extinction of something unique that we will never see the light of again.

4) Designed for stealth, his footfalls are nigh inaudible, causing him to unintentionally sneak up on people as well as making him easy to be ignored or unnoticed in a crowded room.

5) Despite being fluent in a myriad of languages; including the Primal Vernacular, he cannot speak chirolinguistically, never showing an interest in learning it and avoiding it, seemingly, at all costs. He can say only one sentence in it: 'I love you.'

6) Traumatized by the war, he is found at a nervous disposition. Easy to spook when caught off guard, he is unable to even hold a gun without growing massively uncomfortable. He often experienced flashbacks when exposed to sudden loud noises like a door slamming or a gunshot.

7) As a result of his anxiety, he can usually be heard humming or singing to himself out of habit. He is usually not aware he is doing it until he either forgets a lyric or is told to shut up.

8) He possesses an unreliable Transformation Cog, it is prone to jarring during activation and cause mild pain. He has mentioned that it was not his first Transformation Cog to need replacing, in fact, this one is a replacement of the one he was born with, however, he refuses to let a medic near this one or have it replaced.

Solo full by SolooftheSurgeEpochSolo grayscale by SolooftheSurgeEpoch

Solo's alt mode by SolooftheSurgeEpoch


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